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      Born and raised in Toronto, Tracey is a self-taught emerging artist recognized for her unique, ultra-modern aesthetic. Her bold pop art features diverse mediums from metals, stones and crushed glass to seashells, candy and even sink drains and wrenches. Tracey is especially known for her use of resin finishes to make her pieces “pop”.

      Drawn to bright colors, Tracey always dabbled in crafts. At 18, she opened her first bottle of tie-dye and started her first clothing line in her parents’ basement. After marrying her childhood sweetheart and starting a family, she launched a second line featuring hand-painted clothing.

      As her children became independent, Tracey searched for a new purpose, which reignited her passion for creating. She began painting modern works with acrylic on canvas, creating collages on wood, and exploring the use of other mediums – the more out of the box the better. Constantly drawing inspiration from her environment, Tracey’s ever-evolving style is eclectic and chic. After her daughter finally convinced her to create an Instagram presence, her following quickly grew.

      The subjects of her work range from iconic figures to skulls, hearts and lips. The more she creates, the greater her inspiration to experiment with new, intricate mediums to create dynamic, eye-catching art. 

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