Exciting news for 2021!

Our Artist Family Is Growing

We are thrilled to have original works from many new premium artists coming in the new year 2021!

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New Artists In The Gallery

Lorimer, Brian

In 1995 Brian created a successful mural business, Lorimer Inc.. Over an 8 year period he employed as many as 10 artists full-time and freelance to assist him in executing over 150 murals. All of the murals were custom designed – hand painted works of fine art – acrylic on canvas and installed on location for a variety of clients throughout the USA and Canada. He then retired to focus on personal projects.

Brian’s painting are known for their bold, vivid colors. There is also a way that Brian mixes textures and styles to create an almost collage-like portrait or landscape. This of course makes for a very unique and striking image.

Angus, Greg

Each painting is made with wax and oil paint on wooden panel. Two different types of wax are melted down and oil paint is added to the liquid wax to create a variety of colours. Each colour is applied to the panel in a single, complete layer. Layers are built up in specific colour sequences in order to achieve the correct frequency for the base of the painting.

Scrapers, chisels and knives are used to whittle away at the surface revealing the overall skeleton of the painting. Over the course of days and weeks this delicate excavation is repeated. It is a painstaking, intuitive process that demands absolute concentration and a complete letting go.

Hind, Dave

There is a message in Dave Hind’s work, be it subtle or obvious, about how we are treating our planet. It can be be about the state of agriculture. It can be about politics. And it can be about old landmark trees that have been carved away to make way for power lines. Above all it is a message to bring consciousness to a world in need.

For larger group installations Dave has visited neighborhood schools to involve the children in adding a small piece of their own. For him; the inclusion is a way to connect people with some of the most important things in life; conservation, conversation and art. We are living in a time where all of these things are in danger of falling by the wayside. Here is a man that is looking to change that.

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